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Frequently Asked Questions

If the parish has raised over $2m, why is there only over $1m available in January 2022?
In 2019 we paid off almost $800k of mortgage debt on the land and buildings

How much needs to be raised to complete the entire campus?

We will need around $20m (in 2022 dollars) in funds to complete the entire campus (multipurpose building, church, educational center)

Why is a multipurpose building the first step and not a Church?

The building committee conducted detailed interviews with parishioners, met with civil engineers and architects including county officials. The decision was carefully made to start with a multipurpose building as it met our parish needs for more worship and parish life space. A church that can hold 500 people for worship but doesn’t have a Parish Life Center would not work for our parish.

When will the next phase start and what will be built?

After the multipurpose building, a proper church in the basilica style will be built.  Timing is not yet determined and will be driven by the pace at which we raise funds.

What will happen to the current church building?

A full assessment of the current building will be completed.  

Will the parish lose any parking space or other infrastructure during phase 1?

The phase 1 plan was developed to keep our current infrastructure in place through and after the construction process.  This includes entryways, driveways, parking lot, the white house and the PLC. 

What plan does the parish have for increasing staff to support this new building?

The Parish Council is already studying and planning for expansion of the staff as we build new facilities. 

How much money do we need on hand to start construction?

The Building Committee and Parish Council has established a goal of $4M to begin construction on the multipurpose building 

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