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The Vision

God has blessed our parish with 16 prime acres in Forsyth County, a church and a parish life center. Today, we have outgrown our facilities so it’s time to develop additional facilities on our property including a proper Church. This effort is already underway with our most recent achievement of preparing our 16 acres for further use.

The new Church campus will help us improve our:

  • Worship Experience

  • Meetings and Ministries

  • Fellowship

  • Events and Revenue Generation

  • Educational Space

  • Outdoor Recreation

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Enhanced Worship Experience

A new sanctuary brings new possibilities to our community including more worship services with enough space for our growing parish, local and national events to share our growth and joy with everyone.  We will be a firm witness to our community and culture of the timeless beauty of our Orthodox Faith; a stable spiritual home for generations to come.

Expanded Meeting & Ministries

Over 15 ministries and groups utilize our current facilities for meetings and work, sometimes at the same time. 

This new facility will provide ample room for our needs:


  • New conference room

  • Larger teaching space for Bible Study and Journey to Fullness classes

  • Expanded offices and reception area

  • Breakout rooms


Improved Fellowship

  • Dinners

  • Dances

  • Inter-Parish Gatherings

  • Feast Day Celebrations

  • Youth & Young Adult Retreats

  • Picnics and Festivals

Upgraded Events & Revenue Generation

  • Full commercial kitchen

  • Full banquet preparation space

  • Walk-in cooler and freezer 


Spacious Classrooms

Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene has over 100 children enrolled in Sunday school from Pre-K  – 12th grades.  

We also have an Orthodox Young Adult League for our Sunday school graduates.  This multipurpose building will provide:

  • Classrooms

  • Multipurpose Space

  • Workroom

Extensive Outdoor Space

  • Full playground

  • Fire pits

  • Nature Trails

  • Outdoor chapel

  • Stocked pond

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