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The Plan

God has blessed our parish with 16 prime acres in Forsyth County, a church and a parish life center. Today, we have outgrown our facilities so it’s time to develop additional facilities on our property including a proper Church. This effort is already underway with our most recent achievement of preparing our 16 acres for further use.


Multipurpose Building
Floor Plan

The main level will consist of a large open banquet style room we will use for worship.

Additionally, we are building a large commercial kitchen to support events, Greek Festival and parish meals. 


At almost 25,000 square feet, our multipurpose building will provide 2 floors of productive space.

This building will be positioned just to the west of our current church building.

Ground Level
Floor Plan

The terrace level of our multipurpose building will provide the following spaces:

  • 9 classrooms

  • Administration offices

  • 2 Conference rooms

  • Ample storage space

  • Bathrooms

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